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30.03 19:25 - USA has undertaken an Orwellian-type (1984) censorship in the Internet domain /също на български/
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After a few comments I made under publications of the European External Action Service (EEAS) and EU Council in the so-called Social media, which I attach below for the protocol, Facebook and Instagram have started to impose hidden censorship over me. You post a comment that appears while you are logged in your account, but which remains completely invisible, as you post it, to other users, whether they are logged in or not. The case to notice it is in relation of the renovation of USA-EU cooperation, announced by Josep Borrell, after it turned out that bea.gov have drastically altered the statistics data of the USA GDP growth rate for the years before and during World War II, what I had presented in a separate publication with a chart about 4 years ago: maxilian.free.bg/x24.html, April 2, 2016. The unprecedented Economic growth of USA during WW2, though, is visible graphically -- multpl.com/us-gdp-inflation-adjusted -- and after the censorship of Facebook and Instagram on my comment in this regard, I had to post it on Twitter as well with a link-extension because of the characters limit there: maxilian.free.bg/xb.html , twitter.com/maxilian8/status/1376870673914724354


@ instagram.com/p/CM-H8uNlmgw
Europe has a historical mission to balance the Global World that is in search of values, apparently, not shared either by the federal USA, Russia, or China. Values ​​for Human Rights, against the Death Penalty, War Crimes and Mass Surveillance Control.., for Universal jurisdiction of International Criminal and so forth Justice. This mission cannot be achieved with taking side in the deepening Global conflict among the three leading military Geo-political forces. As with mistakes of the previous EU administration along Ukraine, with such a partizan course, it is expected, again, for Europe to lose more than to achieve: eeas.europa.eu/headquarters/headquarters-homepage/95896/week-high-diplomatic-tensions_en

@ instagram.com/p/CM2Z_NFFCM5
Yet, no one is able to talk with USA and Russia at the level of Biden and Putin on behalf of European Union, as We do not have the EU citizens` chosen elected President . EU should be a Republic, not pursue Monarchy

@ instagram.com/p/CM2ooVkLmKD
Antony Blinken :: youtu.be/uRzjGxmI6Oo : My grandfather Maurice Blinken found refuge in America after fleeing Russian pogroms (46:42) & I support providing lethal defense assisstance to Ukraine (1:12:48) In fact I had the opportunity to write exactly that in NYT about three years ago

@ facebook.com/EuropeanExternalActionService/posts/3994028123993193
US Cargo Ship with 350 Tonnes of Military Equipment Docked in Ukraine`s Odessa yesterday --  https://www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/library/news/ukraine/2021/ukraine-210325-sputnik01.htm -- as USA is ready to cooperate with Russians only on issues that pose threats to its own territory -- https://maxilian.blog.bg/politika/2021/03/24/usa-is-ready-to-cooperate-with-russians-only-on-issues-that-.1754593 . I don`t know what the EU INTCEN is doing now, but if You want another bloody war between Moscow and Washington next to EU borders with huge escalating potential, indeed, stay and watch

 * * *

САЩ са предприели Оруелски тип (1984) цензура в Интернет пространството

След няколко коментара, които направих под публикации на Европейската служба за външна дейност Съвета на ЕС в т.нар. Социални медии, които прилагам отгоре за протокола, „Facebook“ и „Instagram“ започнаха да ми налагат скрита цензура. Публикувате нов коментар, който се появява докато сте във Вашия профил, но който остава напълно невидим, още със самото публикуване, за останалите потребители, независимо дали са в или извън техните профили. Конкретният случай да установя това е във връзка с подновяване на сътрудничеството между ЕС и САЩ, обявено от Жозеп Борел, след като се оказа, че bea.gov са изменили драстично статистическите данни за ръста на БВП на САЩ относно годините преди и по време на Втората световна война, което съм представил в отделна публикация с графика преди около 4 години: maxilian.free.bg/x24.html , 2 април 2016 г. Безпрецедентният икономически ръст на САЩ през войната, все пак, е видим графично -- multpl.com/us-gdp-inflation-adjusted -- и след цензурата на „Facebook“ и „Instagram“ по коментара ми в тази връзка, се наложи да го направя също в „Twitter“, с препратка-удължение заради ограничението там върху броя на символите: maxilian.free.bg/xb.html , twitter.com/maxilian8/status/1376870673914724354

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