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14.02 14:48 - Munich Security Conference „Facebook“ censored comment
Автор: maxilian Категория: Други   
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The following comment has been made hidden for all /whether logged in or not/ in about an hour ago, after I had posted it today in relation to the MSC presented Report so that the comment was public and accessible for everyone /whether logged in or not/:


No point claiming for Democracy, having the undemocratic overthrow of a democratically elected Ukrainian government :: upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/26/Другий_тур_2010_по_округах-en.png :: causing the ongoing war. As prof. Jeffrey Sachs says, He saw with own eyes the American involvement in this overthrow :: youtu.be/wdD_kb_x4o4 :: after all We watched it through the public domain. And there is no point of claiming for Liberal order, since Yankees have produced this war to eliminate the Russian energy competition from the European market, while it is the Russians, not the West, who confirm to adhere to the free market principles. It is also not a Russian President Vladimir Putin`s war, but the entire Russian Federation transparent and legally grounded decision, supported by the big majority of the Russian nation, after brutal violation of the International law :: press.un.org/en/2015/sc11785.doc.htm , undocs.org/S/RES/2202%20(2015) . No point to claim the USA-NATO defends liberal order, with the acts of media censorship imposed over the Europeans. .. It is visibly a fascist enterprise, based upon the remnants of the Nazi legacy with such "heroes" like Reinhard Gehlen, Stepan Bandera :: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reinhard_Gehlen , en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stepan_Bandera


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